The luminous sound of the forms, is the solo exhibition of the argentinian sculptor María Boneo. The exhibition, curated by Ana María Battistozzi, brings together Boneo’s recent sculptures in colored resin and nickel-plated bronze that impose their resounding presence with their spatial alternations, polished surfaces and increasing scales.

Her works, which used to be figurative, keep the reminiscences of that past in the configuration of the abstract lines of the present. It is still possible to trace the memory of the female body in the meticulous program of depuration of forms.

From the wood carving of her beginnings, to the marble carving, whose reflections suggested many of the works exhibited in this exhibition, the artist reoriented her perception and body. She ponders the quality and the response of the materiality, as well as the incidence of light to define the form. A process that seems to be simple, but is far from it. 

María Boneo has repeatedly mentioned the “nest” form as a significant feature in her work. If the images of the world are not –as Jean Grondin points out– simple duplications of reality and that they correspond to interpretations that are implicit in our relationship with the world, it is interesting to explore the meaning of this form in the exhibition. It may be possible to think the internal movement of Boneo’s works as a vortex, as a pole of energy that in its rotation inevitably attracts bodies towards their center. A kind of whirlpool that draws all life force to a center from which it is not possible to escape.  In defiant contradiction with the impulse of current art that insists on considering beauty of forms with a certain disdain, María Boneo is committed to it. She affirms the unavoidable presence of forms that, as it is possible to notice in this exhibition, gravitate in space from a growing, increasingly daring scale.  


Norberto Gomez: 1967 - 2016