Memories of the form is Martina Quesada’s first solo exhibition at MCMC gallery. The text that accompanies the exhibition was written by Rodrigo Alonso.
Martina Quesada approaches geometric abstraction from a singular perspective, although at a permanent dialogue with a tradition that she admires and recognizes. One of the most evident dialogues is verified in his choice of the cut-out frames introduced by the concrete art movement of Rio de la Plata, although the artist adopts them in a sense that does not hide a certain ludic nuance. His frequent use of curves perverts the most orthodox formalism, while incorporating narrative chords and sensoriality.

The strengthening of the edges does not underestimate what happens inside the pieces. On the contrary, the choice of colors, their modulation and, above all, the technique in which they are applied, constitute essential chapters of Quesada’s creative modus. For this, the artist has developed a way to apply the pigment on paper that ensures a purity impossible to achieve by other methods. On the other hand, there is a search for a singular, seductive and attractive luminosity, which softens any remnant of rigidity coming from the geometric scaffolding. Its aesthetic program aspires to formal sensitization and to enhance the emotion of the most genuine aesthetic experience.

Rodrigo Alonso


Group show