Rogelio Polesello – A circle, a game

A circle, a game brings together a selection of paintings, papers and acrylic sculptures by the consecrated and prolific argentinean artist Rogelio Polesello. Polesello takes place into the world of...
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Rogelio Polesello

Rogelio Polesello (1939-2014) was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Painter and sculptor, presented his first individual exhibition in 1959 at the Peuser gallery where it was expressed his admiration for...
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Edgardo Giménez

Edgardo Giménez (1942) was born in Santa Fe, Argentina. Self-taught artista, Giménez began his career working in advertising graphics. In painting and sculpture he had numerous group and individual exhibitions,...
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The gallery represents a select group of artists, such as César Paternosto, Rogelio Polesello, Edgardo Giménez, Eduardo Costa, Jorge de la Vega and Edgardo A. Vigo, among others.

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Frieze NY 2019

New York – May 1 to 5

eduardo costa / spotlight section

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